Dream Kardashian turned TWO and here are her fairy party pics!

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If you’re a KarJenner enthusiast you might be muttering something disbelieving about Dream Kardashian – the toddler daughter of Blac Chyna and Robert Kardashian – hitting her second birthday right about now.

Happy Birthday Dreamy girl

Luckily this family aren’t shy about sharing photos of their adventures and we’ve rounded up some photographic proof that young Dream is indeed entering her third year – and living her best life.

Dream’s mama Chyna posted a sweet message to her daughter earlier in the week to mark this special day.

“Today is your 2nd Birthday and one day when you are older you will read this and know how much I love and cherish you,” Chyna posted.

“I wish you the most fulfilling experiences on your journey, blessings that overflows on your hands and the courage to pursue your ‘Dreams’.”

“As your mother I hope happiness and peace will follow you every step of the way. Happy Birthday to my beautiful and smart baby girl!!!!!”

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Our sweet angel, Dream!

No doubt Dream and her mama had their own separate shindig for the little girl, as she and Rob are currently deep in a legal battle over child support and possibly not on friendly terms. 

Then it was over to the KarJenners to bust out their Dream celebration. It involved a birthday party with their usual OTT moves: lots of friends and family, a sparkly baby Bentley, a very lavish dessert buffet, a bloom adorned teepee, visiting fairies and … a whole heap of social media posts!

A proud Kris Jenner posted a sweet tribute to young Dream highlighting all her granddaughter’s sweet qualities:

“Happy birthday to our sweet angel Dream! It brings me so much joy to watch you grow into the most beautiful, sweet, kind-hearted and loving little girl. We love you so much!!”

And the other KarJenner girls took to Instagram stories to honour Dream’s big day, sharing photos of her party and shots of the wee girl’s birthday look – think lots and lots of tulle! Scroll on to take a peek …

A cute bloom-adorned teepee

Dream Kardashian birthday party

An amazing dessert buffet

Dream Kardashian birthday party

Dreamy cake with all of the frosting

Dream Kardashian birthday party

Blinged-out baby Bentley

Dream Kardashian birthday party

One very excited cousin

Dream Kardashian birthday party

One very excited aunty

Dream Kardashian birthday party

Powerpuff Girl popsicles were de rigeur

Dream Kardashian birthday party

Tutu cute

Dream Kardashian birthday party

Oh hey! Us again

Dream Kardashian birthday party

Actual fairies attended

Dream Kardashian birthday party


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