8 fancy-looking Christmas paper crafts you can make with the kids

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You know when your kids bring home papercrafts from school that only mother could love? These DIY crafts are not that. These Christmas papercrafts are so pretty, you’ll never want to put them away.

1. Paper ornaments

paper-ornament-christmas how to


These paper ornaments look complicated, but the design is simple enough that you could make them with kids. You can use any kind of heavy paper you have on hand, or kids can decorate blank paper and cut it into strips.

2. Paper melting snowman


Do you want a build a snowman? What about one that’s melting? This paper melting snowman printable is quick and easy to make. The creator also has a normal paper snowman tutorial, so kids can make an army of frozen and melting creations.

3. Toilet paper roll birdhouse


Finally, a way to use all those empty toilet rolls your kids have been making you save. Although the tutorial is in Hungarian, the photo instructions for these cute birdhouse ornaments are self-explanatory. The instructions are for a mobile, but we think they’d work just as well hung individually on a tree.

4. Wreath papercraft


This wreath papercraft is so simple, you could give your child the supplies and leave her to it. If some of the paper pieces go rogue and stick out in strange directions, we reckon that would be more realistic.

5. Printable Christmas tree doll house


Mr Printables never fails to impress, this time with a printable Christmas tree doll house. Kids can decorate the interior however they want – with solid colours like the photos, with dragons crawling up the walls or with exuberant flower blooms. For the tutorial, little wooden peg people were made, but anything can live in this house – Peppa Pig and her family, a crew of Octonauts, a random assortment of plastic dinosaurs.

6. Paper bird mobile


Snowmen and Christmas trees are all well and good, but sometimes it’s nice to do something unexpected for Christmas. This bird mobile is festive without being overtly Christmassy, and the project is something kids can create over and over with any shapes they want.

7. DIY candy box

paper craft decorations

Nothing looks more inviting than a Christmas lunch table strewn with lovely sweet treats. This hexagon candy box DIY gives you the look of lollies on the table, without the real lollies to spoil kids’ appetites. They also make sweet, shiny ornaments for the tree.

8. Paper petal Christmas tree

petal-tree paper craft

This paper petal Christmas tree craft is perfect for kids’ deft little hands. It’s a bit labour intensive and precise, so smaller kids might have trouble, but if you’ve got a perfectionist wandering around the house, rearranging things to his exacting standards, this paper tree is for him.

Champing at the bit to start making? Check out our Christmas section for more festive crafts.


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