8 creative and clever Christmas crafts to try with your preschooler

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There is no denying that we’re on the countdown to Christmas now, so why not embrace the festivities and rustle up some sparkly spirit?

These hand-picked Christmas crafts are guaranteed to bring on cravings for glitter, pipe cleaners and glue guns. 

Take a peek!

1. Toilet roll Christmas friends

Okay, these are super-cute AND super-achievable. There’s a reindeer, a snowman, an elf and of course a Santa. Just add cotton wool, pipe cleaners, buttons and bows to that toilet roll and you’re good to go!

2. Reindeer finger puppets

Make a family out of these cute reindeer and gallop them around the breakfast table to rustle up those festive vibes! And look, why stop at reindeer? You could even make Christmas gingerbread people using the same technique!

3. Snowman poop!

Part party favour and part craft project, this snowman poop is a cheeky and easy way to get in the Christmas mood. Print the cardboard packaging onto card stock or simply print out stickers and slap those onto some folded card instead.

4. Polka dot Christmas tree

This Christmas tree could be a December work in progress, with your kids adding stickers each day until the big day rolls around. And honestly? The more stickers, the better!

5. Cheeky elves

Paddle pop sticks and card become elves in the hands of creative little people!

6. Christmas mailbox

If you’re looking for the perfect home for your child’s letters to Santa, then this may just do the trick! This video tutorial makes it so easy.

7. Christmas peg pals

Some old wooden clothespins (available at craft shops) and a few embellishments turn something simple and practical into something super Christmassy!

8. Rudolph gift tags

Even the littlest Christmas crafter can help glue on Rudolph’s red pompom nose. Super cute!


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