Make a paper Christmas tree card

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Making Christmas cards with the kids is one of the fun Christmas craft activities you can do – and the bonus is that you end up with craft projects you can actually put to good use! 

This gorgeous Christmas tree card is super-easy to make and children of all ages will love to help you create the pretty strips of Christmas-coloured paper. 

What you’ll need

  • 1 x A4 white card
  • Assorted coloured paper 
  • 1 x brown paper
  • 1 x gold card
  • 3.5 cm star template
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors

Step-by-step instructions

  • Fold the white card in half along the width to create a card.
  • Select 5 sheets of coloured paper, with each sheet being a different colour.
  • Cut the paper into strips ranging in length from 12 cm to 3cm and width from 1.5cm to .5cm until you have about 12 strips in total.
  • Trace the star template onto the back of the gold card and cut out.
  • Cut a 3 x 4 cm rectangle from the brown paper.
  • Using the craft glue, secure the brown rectangle to the base of the white card to create the tree trunk. 
  • Glue each of the strips of coloured paper to the card, starting with the longest strips at the bottom and working upwards to the shortest strips. Glue each strip at an angle so it overlaps with the previous strip.
  • Glue the gold star in place at the top of the Christmas tree.
  • Allow to dry.

Watch the how-to video


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