10 easy Christmas cards you can make with your kids

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While those jumbo boxes of Christmas cards from the supermarket might kind of do the trick, we think that making your own is heaps of fun and the perfect way to explore the meaning of Christmas with your kids (over glue sticks and glitter!).

Here’s our pick of the nicest DIY Christmas cards from about the internet, complete with a link to instructions on how to make them. Why not make some yourself or use them to inspire your own original crafty adventures?

Handmade paper strip christmas tree card

1. Paper strip Christmas tree card

This is such a sweet and simple idea, suitable for even the littlest of Christmas elves. Throw symmetry to the wind and cut and paste in colourful, askew style. 

This tutorial comes from Rudy and the Dodo.

Handmade felt Christmas cards

2. Felt adorned cards

This is a really cute idea that has lots of creative scope. All you need is some card, felt, glue and a plenty of imagination! 

Check out this project at Good Housekeeping.

DIY string art Christmas cards

3. String art Christmas cards

We already know that kids love threading cards – this idea is really a no-brainer when you think about it. This clever-yet-simple card will delight its maker and its recipient!

Get all the instructions you need from Hello Wonderful.

Christmas angel card

4. Adorable angel Christmas card

This sleepy angel is so ridiculously cute and also super easy to make. You could use this concept to make your very own angel bunting, too.

Find the how-to at Bugs and Fishes.

Reindeer thumbprint card

5. Cute thumbprint reindeer

A paint-dipped little thumb and a Sharpie marker cleverly conspire to make this cheeky reindeer, perfect for your family Christmas cards.

Via the good folk at HubPages (with lots more ideas for the taking!)

Washi tape Christmas cards

6. Washi tape Christmas tree card

Pretty patterned washi tape transforms into cute Christmas images in this clever project. You could also make less neat, but equally lovely versions if your kids are not quite up to this level of perfection.

Found at Chalk Academy.

Handmade marbled Christmas tree cards

7. Marble Christmas tree cards

Play around with this interesting marble look, cut and pasting simple trees with unique patterns and textures.

The how-to is over at Buggy and Buddy.

Thumbprint Christmas tree light card

8. Christmas lights card

Another fingerprint project, this time cleverly incorporated into a festive length of Christmas lights!

The full tutorial is at Crafty Morning.

Handprint Christmas cards

9. Handprint Christmas tree cards

These bejewelled handprint Christmas cards will prove irresistible to your crafty preschooler!

Find out how to make them at Glued To My Crafts.

Footprint Snowman Christmas card

10. Footprint snowman cards

Paint-dipped feet and carrot-nosed snowmen rate very, very high on the festive fun ranking! These are as cute as they are funny, we think!

Find out how to make these guys at The Best Ideas For Kids.

We hope these clever ideas inspire heaps of creative adventures at your place. Nothing beats the cute clumsiness of a kid-made card!


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