The best 10 paper snowflakes you can DIY for Christmas

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Australian Christmas couldn’t be further from white, and yet somehow Christmas doesn’t feel right without cold weather decorations. In the spirit of cold weather, we’ve rounded up our favourite craft snowflake tutorials. Some are for traditional white paper snowflakes, others are made from found objects, and others make the humble, unique snowflake into something else entirely.

1. Peg flakes


My kids love to pry apart clothes pegs. Now instead of pinching my fingers trying to put them back together (or more likely throwing them in the bin with an irritated flourish), I can make these ingenious clothes peg snowflakes.

2. Doily snowflakes


Why do all the cutting out yourself when a doily already comes with its own pretty patterns? These doily snowflakes from Design Sponge combine the intricate patterns of a paper doily with your own cut-outs.

3. Ice lolly stick snowflakes


These ice lolly stick snowflakes are quite dramatic and can be done in any colour. The tutorial gives instructions for basic shapes like hexagons or stars, and you can enlarge the patterns by making more and more sticks radiate from the central shape.

4. Junk mail snowflakes


This is a brilliant way to make use of all those pizza menus you normally chuck in the bin. Although these snowflakes are made from recycling bin fodder, they look pretty pro. The more colourful the junk mail, the more interesting the snowflake.

5. Snowflake garland


These rounded snowflakes take a bit of careful cutting, but the result, strung together as a garland, is lovely and festive. This tutorial would serve for party decorations all year round – just choose coloured paper for your snowflake.

6. 3D paper snowflakes


A few snips and curls make these 3D paper snowflakes come together beautifully. All you need are squares of paper, scissors and a glue gun. While this tutorial might be too intricate for little hands, kids can help string these on a garland.

7. Snowflake ballerinas


This clever tutorial explains how to make a snowflake into a ballerina’s tutu. It’s simple, pretty, and sure to delight all the tiny dancers in your house.

8. Frozen snowflakes


You didn’t really think we’d leave you without a Frozen option, did you? Here’s a lovely felt creation that looks like it was frozen by the hand of Elsa herself.

9. Game of Thrones snowflakes


Winter is coming. Actually summer. Anyway, Game of Thrones snowflakes!

10. Paper snowflakes


If all that is too complicated, you can never go wrong with an old-fashioned paper snowflake. The inimitable Queen of Craft, Martha Stewart shows us the perfect fold.

Champing at the bit to start making? Check out our Christmas section for more festive crafts.


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