10 colourful and simple paper crafts for preschool kids

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Clear the kitchen table! Unpack the glue! Round up the kindergarten scissors! It’s time to make magic with paper!

We’ve gathered up some of the most colourful, cute and cheerful collage art projects for preschool-aged kids and toddlers. These activities are fun to do together and have the added bonus of looking great on the fridge door. It’s a total crafty win-win, basically.

10 colourful and simple paper crafts for preschool kids:

1. A sunshine-y friend

Colourful paper sunshine

How cheery is this colourful sunshine pal by Painted Paper Art? This site has so many beautiful projects for kids of all ages and you must go take a peek.

2. Tigers in the jungle

Tigers in the jungle artwork

This gorgeous series of tigers can be found over at the blog Art with Mr. Giannetto. Use it as a template for your own art adventures with your child. 

3. Paper bugs

An art class is also a lesson in living things with this mini-beast themed collage. It’s by Art Projects for Kids. Or get inspired by these bugs (below) from Clare Youngs. Super adorable!

4. Papersaurus Rex

How cute is this simple handprint dinosaur idea? Just a few simple craft supplies and Bob’s your uncle. Guaranteed to delight preschool-aged artists and family members alike. These are by The Joy of Sharing.

5. Smiley snails

Some paper plates and coloured paper transform into cheery snails with just a little bit of elbow grease. This sweet project is by The Best Ideas for Kids.

6. Shape collages

This simple, colourful collage activity really packs a punch. Gather up tissue paper and a glue stick and off your kiddos go! Find this activity at Nurture Store.

7. Tiny towns

This Paul Klee artwork-inspired project is via French blog Ecole élementaire l’Ile aux frènes and shows just how effective a few cleverly placed shapes can be.

8. Matisse-inspired collages

Why don’t you and your kiddo take a leaf out of Henri Matisse’s book and create a beautiful abstract artwork?! This project is by Pink Stripey Socks.

9. DIY Rainbow

Make every day a rainbow-dotted one with this sweet how-to for preschoolers by Art Bar Blog. We really want to make a bunch of these cheery guys!

10. Wattle collage

This gorgeous free-form collage captures the sunny prettiness of wattle. Find this how to at Danya Banya’s blog.

So don’t just sit there. Grab your kiddo and get your craft on!


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