Hurry up summer because we’ve found the cutest inflatable pools!

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It’s a very relatable and inspirational story that begins in the very creative mind of an ardent Target fan.

“I’m obsessed with Target”

Minnidip pool inventor Emily Vaca loved her local Target store so much, she was determined to create something that would sit on its shelves.

“I’m obsessed with Target,” Emily told Lunchbox Magazine. “I spend at least three days a week there. I wanted (my product) to be something I would want to see there when I walk the aisles as a customer.”

Next minute, Emily’s come up with these cute pools. In fact her business is the first offering designer inflatable pools. It’s a case of ‘why didn’t I think of that?!’ and Emily feels just the same.

“How is this not being done yet?” she asked herself. And off she went.

“I couldn’t find anything in the market that I wanted seen in my own backyard,” Emily told Brit and Co.

“I spent almost two years searching for the right manufacturer and designing everything from the pool patterns to packaging to photoshoots myself.”

Now more than 100 US stores stock Emily’s pools and pool accessories. Including Target!

Minnidip pool

It’s blowing up for Emily!

Em’s business has gone from strength to strength, confirming the power of a simply great idea.

In 2017 the fledgling Minnidip sold 500 pools, but last year sales soared to 2,800 units when Emily added pool accessories to her range.

In 2019 she’d already manufactured 135,000 units before the end of May. Her business is booming.

Price points for Emily’s cute pool and pool accessory range from US$39.99 to $80.00 and everything is gosh-darned adorable.

The pools are big enough to fit three or four adults in them – depending on which size you snap up – so needless to say there is plenty of room for kids!

While the Minnidip site only ships to the US, you can get around that by using Australia Post’s ShopMate service which assigns Australians a US shipping address and then sends it on to your home in AU.




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