Take a peek at Marie Kondo’s evening mum routine (and her sweet kids!)

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If you’re enjoying watching the new Netflix show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, or perhaps are a fan of her similarly-named book, you’ll probably be keen to know a little more about the joy-sparking champion.

Never enough Kondo!

Japanese organising sensation Marie wrote the smash bestseller The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up.

She is married to a gent called Takumi Kawahara and the couple have two daughters – 3-year-old Satsuki and 2-year-old Miko.  

You might be wondering what family life looks like at Marie’s place? Luckily she shared a glimpse of her evening mum routine with website Hello Giggles. It goes a little something like this …

Marie Kondo’s evening routine

  1. Tidy-up
  2. Do yoga with children to wind down
  3. Pop on nice, organic cotton pyjamas 
  4. Make sure the bed has nice linen on it 
  5. Perform an air purification ritual every night 

We feel calmer just reading this routine to be honest, so we can well imagine that actually doing it pays big dividends in the good night’s sleep stakes!

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Tidying-up with kids

So how does Marie keep her house so tidy when she’s got two little kids, you might be wondering?

“Tidying with children is a challenge,” she admitted in an interview with website Tatcha. “I’ve had trial and error with my two daughters.”

“One thing I strive to do is to show by example; for instance, I make sure to have fun when I fold the laundry in front of my young daughters so they can see how much I enjoy tidying. I want them to learn that tidying is a comforting and enjoyable process.”

“It’s never too early to learn how to tidy up,” she told the Wall Street Journal suggesting good first tasks include playing with a toy mop or matching socks.

“You can let your children take on a challenge when they turn about 1 year old, after they learn how to walk.”

Marie also revealed a little about her family’s new year traditions and even though it’s February, perhaps it’s not too late for us?!

“New Year is a time for fresh, new beginnings,” she told Hello Giggles. “I like to wipe the door and entrance of my home to allow a new wind to flow into the home.”

How did we not know this?! We want new wind too!

Set a fresh, positive tone

On her own blog, Marie explained some easy ways to freshen up your life and encourage the right sort of energy.

“Simply replacing one old item with a new one can maximise your appreciation of the New Year,” Marie wrote. “If you aren’t sure where to begin, I suggest starting with underwear. According to feng shui, the underwear you choose to wear on New Year’s Day sets the tone for the whole year.”

Wait, what? We’re learning so much here. Before you rush off to buy new underpants, know that it’s the act of new for old that matters. It’s not all about knickers.

“It doesn’t need to be underwear,” Marie says. (See?!)  “Replace something that you use often, like a toothbrush, towels or socks – or simply take out a new kitchen sponge that you already have in stock!”

So there you go. Just reading about Marie makes us feel much calmer. If only it would magically make everything much tidier too! Now for those new undies. 

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