Helpline: Daycare sleep, wetting the bed, weaning off night feeds and more

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Sometimes you just want someone to take the guess work out of parenting.That’s why every week mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue joins the Feed Play Love podcast for a special episode dedicated to taking your parenting questions.

Chris has over 35 years experience helping parents and carers all over Australia with their parenting conundrums.

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In this episode of Helpline, Chris uses those 35 years of experience to answer questions submitted by you around the following topics;

  • Day sleep for a 14-month-old who goes to daycare two days a week and has recently dropped from two day sleeps to one
  • Helping a three-years-and-nine-month-old who will hold on to their poos and not go to the toilet except to wee
  • How to stop a 13-month-old from hitting their baby cousin on the head
  • Finding the reason a four-years-and-three-month-old wets the bed overnight and doesn’t wake to use the toilet
  • Troubleshooting sleep for a five-month-old
  • Weaning a 15-month-old who is very resistant to dropping their overnight feed


Submit your questions to Chris for Helpline on Feed Play Love:

  1. Email us at
  2. Call Chris during the Babyology Facebook live every Friday from 11:30 am on 1800 543 772

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