Why not build yourself a life-sized cat out of teeny plastic bricks?

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The future is now, everyone, because you can make yourself the sort of cat that will never require its stinky litter tray to be emptied. Oh hurrah!


Yup. You can become a paid-up member of the cat lady club in an all-new creative way. And honestly? Being a cat lady was already pretty great. Taking it up a notch with these collectable plastic cat buddies is absolutely next level and we’re 100 percent here for it.

The Lego-ish cats come in a huge range of different breeds, with something to suit every kitty fan. We particularly love the Ragdoll series, but also find it hard to go past the gorgeous Orange Tabby Cats. And also the Tuxedo Cats. And the Calico Cat. #WeLoveThemAll

Hong Kong based company JEKCA actually released these cat sculptures a couple of years ago, but somehow they passed us by. We’re determined to make up for lost time however, and snap up approximately 72 of them before the year is out.

JEKCA cat sculptures

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

The cat sculptures range in price from around $120 through to $150 which is in line with the other popular plastic brick company’s larger sets. So not bad price-wise, we think!

Whether the cat fan at your place is a child or an adult, they’re sure to be utterly delighted by these play sets. You can see the full range here.

Also good to note? They make dogs and other animals too! (Even dinosaurs!) Yessss!

 JEKCA cat sculptures JEKCA cat sculptures JEKCA cat sculptures JEKCA cat sculptures JEKCA cat sculptures

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