Chrissy Teigen is not keen to parent like her own mum in one way

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Chrissy Teigen shared an update on Instagram recently noting that revealed a lot about the way she was parented.

“He fell down to the ground and died” 

It all started with a little bit of story time on the sofa at CT’s house …

“Learning a lot about myself from the stories my mom used to read me,” Chrissy captioned a video which shows her reading one of her childhood books to her two-year-old daughter Luna.

“And his tiny wings were too weak to fly high,” Chrissy reads from the pages of a book that features a Thai translation underneath the English words.

“When he flew halfway up the mountain he fell down to the ground and died,” she reads – suitably deadpan – from the next page spread.

At this point we hear Luna laugh. LOL. #LittleScamp

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Aim low!

But it gets better, because not only did the poor bird die, he pretty much deserved it.

“Moral of the story?” Chrissy continues, flipping to the final page of the book.

“Doing things beyond your ability never brings good,” she reads, giggling.

“Pepper truly had no time for nonsense. Mad respect,” a follower posted on Twitter, where Chrissy had also posted the story-reading video. (Pepper is Chrissy’s mum.)

“Shoot for the stars nearest to you,” Chrissy responded. 

“My spirit animal!”

People on Instagram were delighted by this story-telling scene and keen to make their feelings heard.

Luna laughing just killed me!! She’s my spirit animal!” one fan posted.

“Nice! We read The Velveteen Rabbit and learned that if you love something enough, it will become real,” another follower posted.

But someone else suggested this story was actually a brilliant insight into Thai culture.

“My Thai wife was read the same story when she was a child. She says it is perfectly appropriate,” they wrote asserting that the culture “does not approve of Western teaching of over-reaching just to do bigger and better things.”

Food. For. Thought. (And also LOL!)

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