8 things nearly two-year-old Luna is very, very good at

Luna Legend

Luna is one of Instagram’s toddler stars, thanks to her high profile parents, Grammy award winning singer John Legend and TV presenter/model Chrissy Teigen. But Luna’s not just a cute face. She’s got rad skills too. Let us tell you more …

1. Cooking

Lookee here! Not only is Luna the daughter of a cookbook author (Chrissy’s just put her latest book, the follow-up to her bestselling Cravings, to bed!), she’s also the grandchild of a brilliant cook. Luna’s youthful and funny grandmother Pepper regularly whips up freaking delicious-looking Thai dishes for the Legend-Teigen gang. This brilliant pedigree means she was born to sauté.

2. Chilling

So many toddlers and preschoolers are not familiar with the concept of slowing down, but Luna has this skill utterly mastered. She’s enviably self-contained, and even a fun sesh on the swings can turn into a pensive and productive meditation for this little girl. In this clip she might just be dreaming of a post-Trump era.

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3. Hair styling

Granted, her dad John doesn’t have a lot of hair, but we see her enthusiastic nevertheless approach as a sign of gentle diplomacy in the face of a curly situation. Another skill, guys. Diplomacy.

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v helpful

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4. Bowling

Okay, her accuracy is not one hundred percent, but she certainly makes up for this in tension-building and shaky determination. This is actually how we always bowl, so we give Luna’s technique a big thumbs-up and a bonus fist bump in solidarity.

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5. Hugging

She’s not generally an enthusiastic hugger, according to her mum, but she’s more than happy to bust out a bit of a snuggle when the conditions are perfect. One such conditions is having a life-sized Minnie Mouse within arm’s reach. We feel exactly the same.

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she lets me hug her once a week

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6. Playing

Okay, this might seem like an obvious one, but many modern children don’t really know how to play with stuff, preferring an iPad over building blocks, dolls or the like. Luna’s not like that. She knows her way around an actual toy. Luna plays nicely, y’all. We have proof (see below!)

7. Snoozing

A lot of toddlers and preschoolers are allergic to catching 40 winks, but Miss Luna is quite into it, especially if she has a parent as a pillow. Her motto: You snooze, you win.

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My babies are jetlagged 🇨🇳

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8. Nose-wrinkling

This underrated skill is a good one for winning friends and influencing people, primarily because it’s freaking adorable. It’s also useful if you stumble across something a little stinky. Gold star, Luna.

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It’s plain to see Luna’s the personification of the oft-touted “living your best life” approach and it is in fact her destiny to show us how it’s done. (See below!)

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