Mum seeks advice on spider in baby’s room, may need to burn her house down

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Spiders, eh? Some people are fans, and some are not. And then there are the other people. The people for whom a mere hint of a furry spider leg can prompt unbridled terror.

“I’m petrified”

It was one of the unbridled terror bunch who headed to the internet in a panic.

“Am I unreasonable to never go in my little girl’s room again!” she asked other Mumsnet users.

“Soooooooo Aragog is residing in my little girl’s bedroom,” this mum elaborated. “He is massive. I just can’t go in there. He’s been in there for days, I shut the door and put a blanket down at the bottom to hopefully keep it in there. I’m petrified of spiders. ”

The mum clarifies her daughter is just one year old, and that the toddler is now sleeping in her bed with her. She asked other parents what she should do.


“Burn it down”

Other parents had lots of ideas on what this mum’s next move will be.

“I can only suggest moving house,” one suggested. “It seems the only reasonable option from here.”

“No good asking me, I found a [spider’s nest] in the shed and I’m contemplating burning it to the ground,” another person commented.

“Stop being so bloody drastic!” one jokester wrote. “Simply close her door, caulk and silicone the outside and nail it shut. Then put a nice feature curtain over the door, and never attempt to go in/speak about ‘the room that shall not be named’ ever again …”

“Gaffer tape around the door and call the cops,” was another commenter’s advice.

“Set fire to the house and move to Tunisia. Don’t ever speak of it again,” someone chimed in.

“Since it appears renting has knocked out a lot of your options,” another sympathiser wrote. “It is quite likely that you will be eaten by a giant spider, but if it’s of some comfort, it will be entirely your landlord’s fault. Start drinking the vodka now to numb the pain.”



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