Top tips for moving house with kids

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It has to be one of the most overwhelming tasks for a family – moving house. A little while back we asked our Babyology community on Facebook for their top tips for moving with kids, and we’ve compiled the best suggestions into a handy go-to guide.

Many of the suggestions to help ease the burden when moving with kids were very tongue-in-cheek (babysitters and champagne anyone?). But there were also a host of great tips on keeping a family house move smooth and seamless (or at least give that impression!). Here they are.

  • Move and assemble all of the beds first so that they are ready to be used when the kids (or parents) are simply too tired to continue unpacking.
  • Have a box in the car with a few essentials that may be needed in a hurry (toilet paper, toiletries, nappies, pjs, coffee, snacks, tools, etcetera).
  • Have a special box for each of the children with their favourite toys, colouring books, board games, a portable DVD player and DVDs so they can chill out while the adults continue the moving process.
  • Give the kids simple jobs so they feel part of the process. This could include giving them a dust pan and brush to help “clean up”.
  • Try and have the kids’ rooms set up first so they feel comfortable in their new surroundings.
  • Have a couple of easy meals cooked and ready to heat up for dinner (like spaghetti or a casserole).
  • Keep all medicines, birth certificates, medical scripts and the like in a container with you during the move.

Let us know in the comments below if you have any other clever tips for moving with kids.


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