Beautiful baby blankets from Heirloom Cashmere Australia

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Timeless and beautiful, cashmere is no longer reserved just for adult clothing. Its soft, breathable qualities work perfectly in baby blankets, and these are stunning.

An amazing baby blanket is a must during the colder months, and Heirloom Cashmere Australia has our babies covered – literally.


Heirloom Cashmere Australia’s cashmere blankets are luxurious, in either a classic cable knit or heritage plain knit patterns.


The cashmere yarn is harvested from Nepal, and each blanket is also hand-finished there. Cashmere is perfect for baby blankets because the blanket is warm without being bulky and becomes softer with wear and age. So they make a great cot or pram blanket.


The colours are just as beautiful, with subtle neutral tones and brighter pastels. The blankets cost $138 and are available from The Baby Closet or Heirloom Cashmere Australia.


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