5 of the best nursery night lights for Australian babies

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If you’re hunting down a nursery night light, then these brilliant options have you – and your little one – covered. Sweet dreams!

Tecboss Cute Chick Night Light for Kids

1. Why did the chicken cross the road?!

Cute chick nursery night light – This sweet night light featuring a hatching chick is adorable and packed with helpful features. You can adjust the brightness, easily charge it via USB, make the most of the easy touch controls and rest easy knowing that it’s made from toy grade silicone. It’s cordless (when not charging) and when fully charged the brightest light will shine for eight hours, the lowest light around 300 hours.  Find out more. 


Remote Control Night Light Beech Wooden Mushroom Nursery Lamp

2. Into the woods

Remote-control beech mushroom-shaped nursery night – This light can change colours and brightnesses and is made from silicone and beech. It features a bunch of different lighting cycles to soothe little ones to sleep. Once charged it can stay on for four hours and it’s on trend, design-wise too! Find out more.

VAVA Baby Night Light

3.  A clever egg

VAVA Baby Night Light – The VAVA night light is super-portable, has touch controls, a timer feature and it’s rechargeable battery lasts for 200 hours at its dimmest or six hours at its brightest. It’s waterproof too, making it extra durable. Find out more.

Mushroom Nursery Lamp

4. I see a silhouette

Silhouette nursery night light – This pretty night light comes with three different silhouettes and its made from BPA-free silicone. It has touch controls, beams lots of colours into the nursery and has a sensor light option. Also? It’s guaranteed to spark little imaginations! Find out more.

Whale childrens night light

5. Save the whales!

Whale nursery night light – This friendly whale light features touch controls, lots of different colour options and a bunch of different lighting cycles too. It charges via USB and when charged will last for eight hours in warm white mode and six hours in colour light mode. Brilliant! Find out more.


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