You’ll be pleased to know the new Spotify Kids app is free of “b!tches & hoes”

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If you’re not keen for your kids to hear the dulcet tones of a rapper rabbiting on about miscellaneous ‘bitches and hoes’ then today is a very good day.

A playground of sound

Music streaming platform Spotify has invented a brand new standalone app for kids and it’s just launched for Spotify Premium Family subscribers.

It’s geared to kids aged three and up, and Spotify say that privacy and safety have been top of mind during development.

It’s an ad-free playground of sound, bursting with colour – a walled garden where young listeners can explore singalongs, soundtracks and stories either on their own, or with the family,” they said in a statement this week.

Even more excitingly, there are no ‘bitches and hoes’ in this playground, mum and dads!

Reclaim your algorithm!

Spotify Kids is also great news because your kids won’t be messing up YOUR Spotify algorithm anymore! They have their own dedicated app which will adapt to their tastes and you, my dear long suffering parent, can do the same on your newly reclaimed Spotify. 

Praise be. #SorryEmmaWiggle

Spotify Kids comes loaded with 130 playlists which feature beloved music from from Disney, Hasbro and Nickelodeon. Your child will also be able to sing along to The Wiggles, Sia, Jessica Mauboy and many, many more.

Their favourite musical talents have also curated playlists with littlies in mind.

“It’s great for kids, but it’s also pretty great for parents who will love sharing songs from the Australian Rock Hits playlist featuring rock legends AC/DC, Paul Kelly, Crowded House, and INXS,” Spotify tell us.

Our guess is that clever children will want to keep their parents far away from their Spotify Kids app. There’s nothing worse than when you’re listening to The Wiggles and your mum wants to listen to Savage Garden, am I right kids?!


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