You’ll always be my baby! Tiny baby boy sings EXACTLY like Mariah Carey

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A US mum was very surprised when her tiny son busted out an incredible attempt at Mariah Carey’s You’ll Always Be My Baby. And honestly? We’d be surprised too … because it’s amazing!

“Oh my god!”

Ohio-based mum Jasmin Mone told Good Morning America that she realised her six-month-old son had hidden talents one day as she was going about her daily chores as usual. 

“I was singing to myself,” Jasmin explained, “and I noticed that he was [copying] me.” 

“So I take him and keep singing, looking at him and [thinking], ‘Oh my god!’ … I said, ‘I gotta record this!’”

And here’s what she captured:

“Got all the high notes down”

Jasmine says Logan’s brilliant talent is not entirely unexpected.

“He comes from a musical family – my mom sings, my dad sings, my grandmother sings – we’re all involved in music!” she explained.

“So, in that moment, to see him singing along with me, I was just so proud and it was a beautiful moment that I’ll never forget!”

People on Facebook loved this bolstering update and heaped praise on Logan … and his mum.

“Forget the baby mom’s singing is amazing!” one follower wrote.

“Momma can sing!!” another commenter agreed.

“Got all the high notes down,” someone else wrote.

“So cute!! And mom is good enough to be her backup too!” another fan declared.

Hey, Mariah Carey — this baby from Ohio is training to be your future back-up singer! 🎤

Posted by Good Morning America on Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Mariah weighs in

But what has Mariah got to say about all this? Well sadly she didn’t share or commented on the tiny sing-alike baby, but she did share footage of herself working out at home. Wearing sunglasses. And gloves.

“For real,” Mariah advises as she works out to a revised version of hit It’s Like That. “You gotta just keep it going with this whole thing.”

“I believe it was a young Jermaine Dupri that said: ‘This is…the point when I need everybody to put their gloves on,’” Mariah says and then begins singing …

“I came to work out. Quarantine’s got me stressed out. Oh, well, that’s what’s up now. Boy, I know you’re watching me so what’s it gonna be?’

Staying home & staying active with #demgloves!

Posted by Mariah Carey on Saturday, 21 March 2020



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