Mariah Carey just shared the cutest photo of her newborn twins

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Mariah Carey shared a gorgeous photo of her tiny twins and fans are clutching their ovaries (or nether regions) and feeling broody!

The life of Mimi

Mariah Carey married Nick Cannon back in 2008. The pair then welcomed two babies named Moroccan and Monroe in 2011, at 35 weeks gestation.

They’re fraternal (i.e. non-identical) twins with Monroe – named for the actor Marilyn – and Moroccan – apparently named for the Moroccan-decor room in Mariah’s apartment where Nick proposed to her.

Mariah had been married before – to music mogul Tommy Mottola. They wed in 1993 but mixing business and pleasure was not to be and they separated in 1997 and going on to formally divorce several years later.

But back to Nick and Mariah. They were married for six years, separating in 2014. Their divorce became final two years later, with Mariah going on to date, become engaged to and then dissolve her engagement to Australian James Packer. Not quite sure what happened there, but she kept the $10 million ring Jamie gave her … and then sold it for just over $2 million (despite him apparently asking for it back!)

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8 years of bliss ? Happy Birthday #DemKids ? ? ??

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“Eight years of bliss”

But that’s all ancient history now, and eight years on from her babies’ c-section births, Mariah’s celebrating what matters most to her with some gorgeous throwback snaps of her gorgeous kiddos. Interestingly her ex-hubby Nick’s cheekily weighing in too, prompting fans to urge a reconciliation.

“8 years of bliss. Happy Birthday #DemKids,” Mariah captioned the Instagram album of nostalgic shots.

“Can a brotha at least get some photo credit!!!” Nick responded. “LOL Thanks for the most amazing gifts ever!!!”

Nick did indeed score a credit, in a second series of more current birthday photos dedicated to “Roc and Roe”. Or “Rocky and RoeRoe”. Nicknames are in abundance with this crew!

“Happy birthday Roc and Roe!!!” Mariah posted. “You are my everything and even though you’re turning 8 today (how did that happen???) You’ll always be #dembabies. Thank you for showing me the true meaning of love.”

Dembabies is a very Mariah Instagram hashtag that’s populated with photos of Monroe and Morocco, some posted by Mariah herself and many others posted by her devoted fanbase.

“Make it about the children”

While things were messy when they split, with Nick reportedly cheating on Mariah. Fast forward to now and the pair are committed to co-parenting their children positively in the wake of their divorce. Nick told ET that their relationship is “great”.

“There will always be unconditional love and a great relationship,” Nick said in April last year.

“That is one of my best friends in life, so it is always going to be that, so the fact that there is no bad blood and we can still co-exist, I think that is the best place for it.”

“Ultimately, you make it about the children and they’re the number one priority, and everything else falls in line.”

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Some after school activities ?

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