LOL! Parents overreaction to daughter’s singing is way too adorable

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In this age of praise, parents are warned time and time again that we are over dishing it to our kids. Well, I think we can all relax now after seeing this mum and dad lose it over their daughter belting out a song from The Little Mermaid. None of us are THIS bad!

But really, their reactions are just the sweetest thing to watch!

Unadulterated glee

The video of 19-year-old Sammi Rubia singing ‘Part of Your World” from the much-loved kid’s movie was filmed by her 17-year-old sister, Brianna.

While Sammi’s Ariel rendition is pretty good, it’s her parents’ reaction, or should we say, overreaction, that has stolen the internet’s hearts.

After Brianna posted the adorable video on Twitter with the caption: “When I said my parents were supportive, I wasn’t kidding” it’s had 6.78 million views.

Have a look.

When your emotions get the better of you

Cute, hey?!

But really, we’ve all had those moments when our hearts swell with pride and we can’t contain the adoration we have for our little one.

That said, Sammi and Brianna’s parents take this to a whole new level.

From expressions of pure awe to immense pride, they are clearly overcome with emotion and struggle to contain their joy as Sammi sings the musical score.

At one point, Sammi’s dad releases a “Woo!” before clutching his face and covering his eyes.

It’s like just seeing the words pour out of his daughter’s mouth is too much for him. Both he and Sammi’s mum have to hold themselves as they clap silently, swaying and swooning. 

Parents can’t hide their pride

The video is a sweet reminder that when it comes to the love and pride we have for our kids, it’s natural to feel this way. Sometimes it’s like our hearts are going to explode and you know what? Maybe in these moments, we should just let it go, like these cute parents have.

If you do though, just make sure no one is filming you. Your kids might just post it online. 

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