The Parent Panel: Marie Kondo, Gillette, single parents and more

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Writer Kerri Sackville and Busydads founder Grant Lyndon join The Parent Panel podcast to take on the gossip and news of the week that had parents and carers talking. 

In this episode they get into the nitty-gritty of these questions and topics:

  • Are you a Marie Kondo devotee or not?
  • Gilette and the “redefining” of masculinity through advertising
  • When is a single parent a single parent?
  • What are your survival tips for making it through the last weeks of the school holidays?

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Marie Kondo

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will have noticed that the KonMari method is exploding the internet, and encouraging people across the world to let go of items that don’t “spark joy”. Marie Kondo is the Japanese de-cluttering expert, whose latest show Tidying Up With Marie Kondo on Netflix is causing people everywhere to get rid of stuff. How do you feel about the decluttering method? It turns out Kerri has been way ahead of the decluttering trend for years!

Redefining masculinity through ads for razors

This week a new Gillette ad attracted both criticism and praise for its unashamed embrace of the #metoo movement. While it undoubtedly attempts to join the conversation about toxic masculinity, it is also trying to sell razors. Does that really matter?

Single parents

This week regular Parent Panel guest, author and Sky News Presenter Jacinta Tynan wrote about the definition of what makes a single parent. She wrote, “When I ask my friends who are single mothers, there is a simmering disgruntlement about entitlement to the moniker. Too many mothers are willy nilly aligning themselves with single motherhood when their circumstances don’t strictly fit the bill, apparently.”

Both Kerri and Grant have been or are single parents, but both of them have different views on what makes a parent truly “single”.

Surviving the end of the holidays

The six-week (or more) summer holidays are almost at an end. Many of us are crawling toward the finish line. What are your tips for those parents at home with kids, trying to keep them entertained until school goes back? Kerri and Grant come up with enough, at least for a cheeky list – maybe you’ll see it on this site soon!

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