Prince William spills the beans on baby Prince Louis’ latest achievement

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Hat tip to Prince William’s pretty wild version of #dadlyfe.

At a London Air Ambulance Charity function on Wednesday he juggled his princely AND daddy duties with aplomb.

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? The Duke of Cambridge, #30YearsSavingLives Patron, visited Royal London Hospital to learn more about the challenges @LDNairamb face in their life saving work as a first responder in the capital.

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Just like a regular dad

Graciously accepting several cards and presents for his wife Catherine (who was celebrating her birthday that same day) Prince Will also managed a graceful and good-humoured reference to all three of his children.

None more exciting than the littlest of all, baby prince Louis who according to the Duke is teething.

Yes, teething.

How do we know? 

Well, on being handed a squeezy toy helicopter from one of the crowd, Prince William smiled with delight and said:

“Amazing, that will go down extremely well … Louis will be chewing that before long!”

And just like that he’s transformed from very important princely person to regular dad who knows all about his youngest’s preference for munching on toys and stuff. 

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A real juggling act

Just like the rest of us, down at the park with the other parents.


And for all the extravagance that no doubt comes with his title, it can’t be easy having three children and lots of public appearances with strangers who seem (maybe a little bit too) interested in the wellbeing of your little ones.

But he and Kate seem to pull it off somehow.

Great work, Will.

We think you’re doing an excellent job!

And don’t forget the teething gel for night time. 


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