Guess which member of The Beatles just released a children’s book?

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Is it just us, or does it feel like every musician, actor and their dog has written a kids’ book these days? Whoopi Goldberg wrote one, Julianne Moore wrote one, Ricky Martin wrote one, Josh Pyke just released a new one … hell, even Obama wrote one!

Hey Grandude!

Not that we’re complaining. The trend means we get to bring you the VERY exciting news that former member of The Beatles, Sir Paul McCartney has written a kids’ book that the whole family can enjoy, and pre-orders are currently available for its September 5 release date.

The book’s called Hey Grandude! and it’s all about celebrating the fun that kids get up to with their grandparents. 

Now a grandfather with eight grandkids, McCartney was inspired to write the book after he heard one of his grandkids refer to him as “Grandude”.

He liked the ring it had – and ever since then the name stuck, both to him and to the lead character of his book.

A bedtime adventure

According to McCartney, the story is a magical adventure around the world. It’ll have kids riding flying fish, dodging stampedes and escaping avalanches … all before bedtime!

These adventures are facilitated by Grandude’s almost magical powers, and if you ask us, it sounds like a great book for helping little ones bond with the older generation.

See what he has to say about the book:

Accompanying the story are fun illustrations by Kathryn Durst, who expertly brings the story to life.

We can’t wait to give it a proper read once it’s released in September!

Check out Penguin Books for more details about the release.


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