10 brilliantly old-school things that our kids will never experience

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Well the times really are a-changing, and you only have to think about how different the world of your childhood was to the world of today, to make it really sink in.

Kids these days have Netflix on demand. Smart phones. Smarts cars. Smart TVs. Smart boards. It seems everything’s on a trajectory towards intelligence!

And while we love our modern conveniences, we have to admit we’ll always have fond memories of the “less smart” ways of doing things.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, and think of all the things our kids will never have to do.

1. Head to Video Ezy to rent a movie

What kid didn’t love heading to Blockbuster or Video Ezy on a Friday night? You’d browse the aisles for ages trying to choose the best movies to watch that weekend. You’d extra love your parents if they let you get a ‘New Release’.

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Truly miss the good old days of going to pick out movies on a Friday afternoon after school. Anyone else? 😢🌹 . . . #videoezy #videostore #movies #vhs #dvds

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2. Log in to MSN messenger

Dial-up internet didn’t stop ’90s kids from enjoying a good online chat! Practically every teen sunk numerous hours into this bad boy – slow connection times, obnoxious ‘nudge’ feature and all.

3. Read the lyrics in a cassette fold-out

Theory: Whoever decided they should stop putting song lyrics inside CD covers single-handedly killed the CD biz. Just saying.

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4. Write out directions before driving somewhere

Ahhh, the good old Gregory’s. It’s impressive we ever made it anywhere on time, really …

5. Download things on Limewire

Songs, movies … and a whole lotta viruses!

6. Sprint back to the TV at the end of an ad break

The Netflix generation will never know what it’s like to miss a critical moment of a TV show because you spent slightly too long preparing a snack/going to the bathroom during the ads. 

7. Rewind a VHS

Things that take ages: road trips, slow cookers, waiting for a VHS to rewind back to the start so you can watch it again.

8. Use a Nokia 3210 (or other classic phone)

The joys of a game of Snake, polyphonic ring tones, unwrapping a new Motorola Razr, and ‘picture messages’ comprised entirely of text symbols will forever be lost on our little ones.

9. Call their crush on a landline phone

Having to make small talk with a parent until your crush could get to the phone = TORTURE.

10. Look things up in the encyclopedia 

As much as we love having the internet at arm’s reach every minute of the day, you really appreciated the tidbits of information that you had to go out of your way to look up in a big, hefty book.


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