This cutting board has a smartphone slot and just shut up and take our money

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Holy heck. How many times have you propped your phone up against a sauce bottle or tin of tomatoes … and wished there was a better way?

Chop and watch!

Luckily Food52 has come to the rescue inventing a double-sided cutting board that has an inbuilt slot for your phone. Yes! You read the right?! Gasp!

So whether you’re following a recipe tutorial or catching up on Bachelor In Paradise while you chop up those salad veggies or soup ingredients this clever contraption has got you covered.

How we survived without such a thing until now we have no idea, to be quite honest. The slot is big enough to fit various models of smartphone, so we’re pretty sure it has yours covered.

Food 52 Smartphone chopping board

Food 52 Smartphone chopping board  Food 52 Smartphone chopping board 

And saucy bits too!

This lovely board is crafted from American Maple wood and also features a deep groove – as well as that natty phone slot – to catch any saucy bits. It has a sort of inbuilt spout carved out at the corner so you can pour those saucy bits off, too. Genius.

Food52 came up with a nice thick board – which means it won’t wiggle around as you watch chop – yet it’s not so heavy that it’s impractical, either. 

All in all, this is a brilliant chopping board and we want one right this minute.

Find out more about Food52’s cutting board with smartphone slot here.

Food 52 Smartphone chopping board

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