Create amazing videos of your babies growing up with the Picr app

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We have all seen those amazing time-lapse videos that come from parents who take photos of their child every day for years, but honestly, who has that kind of dedication? Well now there’s an app for that.

I remember seeing videos like this one by Ian McLeod who took a photo of his son every day for 21 years then turned it into a captivating and beautiful video. “I’ll definitely do that when I become a parent!” I thought in my confident, childless youth. I did try at the start, just taking a photo once a week on Fridays, but it was tricky, and I was tired, and I often forgot. Such is the life of a new parent, but I’m proud to say this story has a happy twist.

Picr app for iPhone

Recently I found the Picr app and I now have a collection of photos that stretch over a month of my daughter’s life! In Picr you can set alarms and reminders that will prompt you to take that photo. Not only that, the app is set up to ensure you get photos perfect for time-lapse and even has a video generator for easy export.

The key to a brilliant time-lapse video is getting the face – especially the eyes – in the same spot on every photo (take a look at the video below). It gives the viewer a fixed point to focus on while everything around grows and changes. The Picr app has the option to overlay a grid on your camera so you can line-up eyes easily. You can also overlay yesterday’s picture for a truly perfect line-up. Of course, it is hard when trying to snap a pic of a rambunctious toddler, but I’ve found these features a big help.

Once you have a good bank of photos lined up, just click ‘generate video’ and that’s it – you have a beautiful time-lapse video to share with family and friends. You don’t need to be an expert at photos or video but the results look very professional. Oh, and it’s not just great for the kids, I’ve been taking some hilarious daily mum selfies that will be a fun reminder of these days full of mayhem, mess, and love.

Picr app is currently available on iPhone only. It is free to download with an optional payment of US$3 if you want to upgrade to the Pro version.


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