Stop what you’re doing because mummy-daughter kaftans are a THING!

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We’ve not been shy about declaring our love for twinning and matchy-matchy parent-child looks, so it’ll come as no surprise that this same-same kaftan news has got us very, very excited!

Get your sparkle on

The genius work of the Bonita Kaftans Bambino range, these breezy looks for fancy families come in sizes to fit one to ten-year-olds AND in grown-up sizes.

They’re made from super soft Indian silks and cotton and sport a range of gorgeous prints. 

“Bonita Kaftan garments are made from the finest A-Grade fabrics, embellished with individually hand-sewn sequins and manufactured by some of India’s best artisans, ensuring an ethically made product of the highest quality,” these brilliant kaftan makers say.

Bonita mummy daughter kaftan

Carefully and colourfully made

While they’re ethically made in India, they’re locally designed with a firm eye on forthcoming trends (and a hefty dose of sparkles!)

And if all that sparkle and kindness didn’t have you sold on these cute roomy frocks, you’ll be firmly over the line when we tell you that this is a family business which has gone from zero to kaftan hero … in just a few short years! 

 Bonita Kaftans Bonita Kaftans Bonita Kaftans

Kids’ kaftans come in a BONKERS range of prints and retail of $149.
Adult kaftans – SAME! – except they start at $465.
Take a peek over here for these and much, much more cute fashion for the whole fam (including boys!)


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