#HELP My newborn has a crusty case of cradle cap

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The early days of the parenting journey are filled with unexpected twists and turns, so no surprise then that this mum of a brand new baby needs a bit of sensible advice from our #help community of seasoned parents about how to deal with the crusty cradle cap that’s turned up on her newborn’s scalp.

#HELP! My 5 week old has cradle cap. It’s quite crusty and gross but the MHCN says it’s pretty normal. She suggested olive oil, but how much? Has anyone tried this? What are your cradle cap tips?

Here’s what our helpful parents had to suggest:

Remarkable remedies

Mix bi-carb soda with water into a toothpaste consistency and rub over bub’s head. Leave it for 15-20mins and rinse off. May have to do it a couple of times but after trying everything else, this seemed to be the only thing that worked for us. – Alicia Veres 

We used the Mustella cradle cap foam – you get it from most chemists. I found that worked great and just after a bath, use a baby comb and the flakes will come off. Don’t pick it off otherwise it might scar. – Cheryl Sloane 

I used the MooGoo brand cradle cap cream and it worked brilliantly. All cleared up in a week and hasn’t come back. I did try oil before that but it would come back a week later. – Rebecca Trigwell 

For cradle cap … When baby is having a shampoo, massage a little coconut oil into the cradle cap, right along with the shampoo. Massage until all cradle cap has loosened. While rinsing, gently use baby comb, & comb against the cradle cap to remove. One application is usually sufficient, but it may need another application next time. – Tracy Ouellet 

Just massage small amount of olive oil onto baby’s scalp. Leave overnight – it will soften the the crust – then shampoo baby’s hair as normal. It may take a few goes but it does work. – Penny Hoffman 

Baby’s skin is just adjusting. Totally normal & should go away soon. Use breast milk if you are nursing. If not, use coconut oil. It’s natural & safe for your new baby. Rub it in gently on baby’s head before a bath then wash off. – Leah O’Neil 

Let it be

Don’t worry about it! I’m sure your baby is beautiful regardless; both of mine had it, they said put olive oil – I didn’t, it flakes off eventually! Babies are beautiful! But if it bothers you that much there are products out there. – Stella Brenner 

All my kids had it at some point. I used nothing and it went away on its own. It’s literally an excess of secretions from the skin that settle down in their own time.  I’m also a midwife and nurse and I agree with the MHCN. It’s normal and you don’t actually need to do anything – which is seemingly contrary to every other comment on here too. – Terrin Illingworth 

My kids had it bad and we didn’t worry about oil. It will clear up. When they are in the bath gently comb their hair and make sure you run it along the scalp. It will knock the loose bits off. – Celeste Craig 

I sometimes wonder if we need to ‘treat’ cradle cap. I have 3 kids, they’ve all had it and pretty much every baby I’ve ever known has had it. Yet every parent looks for ways to get rid of it. Perhaps it’s just a normal part of babyhood? Perhaps we should leave it be (so long as it’s not causing discomfort for baby). Perhaps the dry flaky skin is protecting softer skin underneath? That’s the conclusion I’ve come to after 3 kids. From experience though, almond oil worked best for me. ? – Anita Gatto 

You can read all the sensible advice given on the original Facebook post here: 

#HELP! My 5 week old has cradle cap. It's quite crusty and gross but the MHCN says it's pretty normal. She suggested…

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