Mums are loving The Block’s Sara Vale’s realistic post about her post-bub body

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Sara and Hayden Vale won popular renovation show The Block last year, pocketing a whopping $545,000 profit. 

The fourth trimester

They took the opportunity to announce some other big news as the show drew to a close – that they were expecting a baby.

Sara and Hayden were already parents to a little girl named Harlow. In early May they welcomed baby Lawson to their crew.

The couple has shared lots of glimpses of life with their new bub, and it’s all pretty lovely capturing that newborn baby bubble.

Sara’s obviously starting to find a bit of a rhythm now as she adjusts to life as a mum-of-two. Her thoughts now are also shifting to her recovering body. 

Anyone who has given birth knows that pregnancy is just the beginning of some big changes in your body. Getting to know your evolving postpartum body is another huge part of giving birth. Sara says she’s not quite made peace with these shifts, but is keen to set a realistic example – and also begin getting stronger and feeling more healthy and energetic.

“It’s hard looking at my body,” Sara wrote in a recent Instagram update about ‘fourth trimester‘ body image.

“The only thing I love about it right now is the fact it produced 2 kids. Lawson is now 2 months old and this is what 2 months pp looks like on me. I weigh more now than when I did full term with Harlow. Coming to terms with that was pretty hard.”

“I’m finding it hard too”

The mum-of-two’s Instagram followers could totally relate and many shared similar feelings about their own (amazing) recovering bodies.

“Love your honesty Sara,” one mum wrote.

“You look like a healthy mum and one beautiful one that it. I’m finding it hard too,” another follower admitted.

“I feel you and I haven’t even had 1 child,” another The Block fan quipped.

“You have a beautiful mother’s body,” someone else commented. #truth!

“Ahhh you look great love!” one Sara and Hayden fan wrote. “Takes ages to get back to normal,” they continued.

Every body is different

Everyone is different and every woman has different thoughts on her body after having a baby.

We are not for a moment saying that there is an ideal body after birth. Each to their own.

But it’s clear that Sara’s experience has struck a chord with many, and it’s generous of her to provide a realistic account of her own body acceptance journey on a platform that’s littered with so many VERY filtered, unrealistic posts.


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