12 underrated parenting moments that prove you’re nailing the mum gig

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Parenting wins can be few and far between. And highly under-appreciated. While there are no medals in motherhood, no trophies in toddler taming and no awards for making it through the day without swearing, there really should be.

Because these are the very moments in motherhood that deserve recognition.

Sure, these moments may be small and insignificant to the outside world, but they really need to be celebrated. So I’ll do the honour and have a glass of wine on behalf of all the awesome mothers out there.

You’re welcome.

1. When you wake up at 6am and there isn’t a child in your bed

Bonus points if every bed in the house is dry too.

2. When the entire contents of dinner is eaten by your children

Not the dog.

Because no mum chooses to spend an hour slaving in the kitchen only to feed her masterpiece to the dog, no matter how awesome the dog is. 

3. When you can confidently dress yourself and your kids in WHITE

And the clothing is still (mostly) white at the end of the day.

Toddler in a supermarket trolley

4. When you make it through the checkout at the grocery store without a single tantrum

And without the need to stop off at the confectionery aisle for bribery chocolate.

5. When you cut the kids’ sandwiches into squares and everyone is happy with your decision

No need to make three different sandwich shapes today, ladies and gentlemen. You can hold the applause.

6. When you manage to leave the house without the need to return for something your child forgot

Like your child’s stuffed animal. Or her stuffed animal’s purse. Or her stuffed animal’s pram. Or her stuffed animal’s cot. Because heaven forbid the stuffed cat should go anywhere without a life-size bassinet in the back seat.

7. When you transfer a sleeping infant from his car seat to his bed and he remains asleep

As you quietly close his bedroom door and creep silently away, you probably can do a little bit of a happy dance as well.

8. When your eldest sticks up for his little sister at the playground

“Hey, that’s my sister. No one’s allowed to push her, except me.” Proud mummy moment right there.

Mother and toddler taking selfies in back of car having picnic - feature

9. When you manage to take a selfie with everyone smiling

And your entire face (not just your one eye and part of your head) is in the picture. Bonus points if the cat gets in too (and looks like he is about to murder you).

10. When you finish folding a load of washing and all the socks match

The epitome of a perfect parenting moment. Be sure to mark this day in your diary because this kind of washing miracle may never happen again!

11. When you catch your child singing along to The Rolling Stones

Clear evidence that good taste in music runs in the family.

12. When your child requests a picture of you on her birthday cake


Take that Elsa and your ice powers. Mummy wins.

It’s the little things in life that make the biggest difference … and this is certainly the case when it comes to being a mum.

So, to all the mums out there who may not have conquered the world (or the washing) today but did manage to keep the kids healthy, happy and alive, raise your glass and share in these small snippets of supermum success.

Because we’re right here with you, basking in the glory that comes with these simple pleasures in parenting (and preparing to do it all over again tomorrow).


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