Mum-shamed: Kim Kardashian criticised for giving her child a ‘dummy’

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Kim Kardashian tried a preemptive strike against the haters on Instagram yesterday, but it proved ineffective as they came for her – and her parenting – anyway.

“Missing my babies”

Kim and North are currently in Uganda where Kanye West is live-streaming his late-night thoughts to followers, visiting orphanages, courting the local media and apparently also recording his new album.

It’s clear that it’s hard to be far from home. Uploading an image of her other children to Instagram, Kim captioned a shot of herself with 2-year-old Saint and 9-month-old Chicago with a heartfelt “Missing my babies!!!!!”

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Missing my babies!!!!! P.S. mom shammers it’s not a pacifier, he’s eating candy!

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Did followers empathise with Kim’s feelings and chime in about how hard it is to be away from kids. Nope. Instead, they focused in on Saint’s dummy and began critiquing Kim for allowing him to use one.

She updated her post with “P.S. mom shammers (sic) it’s not a pacifier, he’s eating candy!” to clarify. This did not help. 

While snarky types had honed in on the ‘dummy’ at first and began unleashing judgement: “Children shouldn’t be using a pacifier past age 1, it’s recommended that they don’t use one even after 6 months.”

They quickly shifted to critique Saint’s lolly and behaviour …

“Toxic, habit-forming, cancer causing. You have the means and knowledge to do right..why not come up with healthy kid treats/only promote health,” someone commented.

“Walking with sweets in his mouth!” another person scolded. 

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No. No. NO!

Bored, they moved onto Chicago’s bare feet and hairstyle:

“Sock should be on Chi’s feet though if she is in a sweater. Winter is upon us,” a follower warned.

“That baby hair too tight,” someone else decided.

And then they figured, what the heck? and judged Kim’s parenting in general:

“Never seen a mother leave her baby so much,” one high-horse rider posted.

(And of course, they pointed out her “shammers” typo over and over again too.)

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Cousin Love ?

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“You lot need to chill”

Ugh. Thankfully Kim’s supporters and some fellow parents then piped up in her defence, so not everyone is a dumpster fire on Instagram (although MANY are!)

“I had a pacifier until a month before I was five, you’re good,” one person told Kim.

“I swear if Saint was holding an apple people would be saying Kim is depriving him his childhood for not letting him eat sweets. You lot need to chill,” someone else pointed out.

“Every child and every parent is different … I’m pro pacifiers and candy when both are used smartly and in moderation,” another follower said wisely.

“Not a huge Kardashian fan,” another Instagrammer wrote. “But my little brother had a pacifier until he was 5 years old. He’s currently serving in the armed forces and in his 3rd year of medical school. He turned out fine. Jesus Christ.”

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Hate sports

Kind of gross that this sort of nasty commentary is so rife on Instagram now. What started off as social media’s creative and kind place has quickly gone the way of Twitter and become a negativity-filled space instead.  

Celebrities like Kim are on the frontline, as frustrated and bored types deem them fair game in the sport of hate.

Remember the time Kim was told off over North’s swimsuit? And the time she copped flack for North’s hair? Other Kardashians are targeted relentlessly too, Khloé especially. People shamed her over the colour of her baby’s skin, they critiqued her for piercing True’s ears, they took her to task for going out and leaving True at home and that’s just for starters.

It’s a toxic display and gosh knows where it will end … perhaps with comments turned off and the opportunity to chat to high profile types withdrawn? We would not blame them a bit.


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