This cute kids’ smart watch helps keep tabs on precious little people

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An Australian company have taken confident and clever strides into the smartwatch market, creating a product that’s perfect for kids when they’re little, but also grows as they do.

A wearable, call-able tracker

iStaySafe’s child safety smartwatch, TicTocTrack and app were crafted to safeguard children and young teens.

The company then added the capability to monitor mobile phones too, and it’s all done from a parent or carer’s phone – or even from their laptop.


The TicTocTrack watch features bespoke, secure software and the product’s hosting and support is based in Australia. There’s a bunch of different plans to choose from – and even an option to rent if you’re going on holidays and want to keep an extra close eye on your kiddo.

This company is also a registered NDIS provider, meaning eligible families can purchase the watch as part of their plan – for kids or adults with extra needs.


Safe zones, safety features and more

The watch has GPS on board which allows you to monitor your child’s location. TicTocTrack retails for $199.95 and features a touch-screen and the ability to make and receive calls from approved-by-parents numbers.

Each watch has its own ‘phone number’ and SIM card – and again only approved phone numbers can be accessed via the unit.

The watch even tells the time – in both analogue and digital format – and offers four different watch screen displays.

Parents can program a safe zone into this cute smartwatch (or your older child’s phone, once they’ve moved from watch to mobile). Your safe zone might extend to your home’s boundaries, the local park or school or beyond, depending on your child’s age and your requirements. Parents are alerted when kids stray out of their approved safe zone – and can not only see where they are, but can get in touch straight away.


The TicTocTrack is primed for tricky situations or emergencies too. 

“For times where your child feels unsafe,” its makers explain, “the SOS button is discreetly located on the side of the watch. Pressing and holding the button for 3 seconds will send an SOS alert to the registered phone numbers associated with the watch. This alert provides the location of the watch along with a link to Google maps so you can assist.”


Keeping kiddos safe

iStaySafe’s Founder and CEO, Karen Cantwell says her business is firmly focused on keeping kids safe and giving parents peace of mind.

“Parents can sleep a little better knowing where their children are and with the knowledge that they can contact or locate them in the event of an emergency. Be it a wandering child, or something more concerning, there is nothing more frightening to a parent than the thought of their child going missing—our business helps alleviate these fears and aid parents in keeping their children safe.”


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