Mum warns us to wind our windows up because snakes in a car is a thing

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Once upon a time, a snake had a brilliant idea. He thought to himself, “snakes on a plane, but make it a car” and before you knew it, he’d committed.

“I left my window an inch open”

A Queensland mum by the name of Kathy Pablo was looped into the plan.

Unbeknownst to Kathy, her car was singled out by the snake, who stealthily settled under her son’s car seat and enjoyed a lovely ride into town. Gasp.

Kathy issued a warning to other drivers, reminding them to be extra careful of sneaky wildlife during the terrible weather conditions that are plaguing parts of the country.

“I left my window an inch open and this fellow found his way into the car and went for a ride 20kms into town under the car seat – only to pop its head out while sitting in the car,” the Weipa mum revealed on Facebook, posting two photos of the determined snake.

“It was underneath the seat where my little boy was sitting. Please be careful, the drought has made all the wildlife come closer in search of food and water. Feeling very grateful we are all safe and well.”

“Danger Noodle”

People on Facebook were equal parts glad, argumentative and upset by this warning.

For some, the mere mention of a snake was enough to have them breathing erratically into a paper bag.

“I would need a new car,” one person wrote.

“I would have been in an accident if that was me. Prob would have written the car off,” someone else asserted.

“Holy crap, it’s easier to deal with when it’s just you but when your kids buckled in the back,” another snake-hater wrote and they really do have a point.

I left my window an inch open and this fellow found his way into the car and went for a ride 20kms into town under the…

Posted by on Tuesday, November 26, 2019

But for others, this snake was no big deal, and in fact quite cute.

“Fricking adorable little Danger Noodle,” one Facebook user wrote. “I hope everyone is safe! Noodle included.”

Other still wanted to argue over whether the snake was a copperhead, taipan, python or brown snake. That fight is still going on in the comments under the post. 

* Shudder *

Let’s all heed Kathy’s warning and keep our windows up and our cars off-limits for the poor snakes seeking a nice spot to escape the heat? Then we can all live happily ever after.


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