Kim Kardashian criticised over video of Chicago playing with a snake

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When Kim Kardashian proudly shared a video of her one-year-old daughter handling a snake, Instagram users were quick to critique her parenting.

“My brave girl”

Chicago aka Chi cuddles and bonds with the snake in the most extraordinary way, to be honest. She’s not scared or hesitant. Instead she wants to sort the snake out and find out more about him. At one point Chi gets a better grip on her wriggly new friend and stares directly into his little snake eyes, wondering what he might do next.

“My brave girl Chicago,” Kim captioned the footage of her and Kayne West’s adorable toddler confidently handling the corn snake.

Are you wondering how safe Chicago is as she explores the snake world? She’s very safe, because this type of snake is fairly friendly.

“Their docile nature, reluctance to bite, moderate adult size, attractive pattern, and comparatively simple care make them commonly kept pet snakes,” Wikipedia says of the corn snake, so that seems pretty non-dangerous, especially when she’s being supervised by an experienced snake handler.

“The snake really is very use to it to be honest,” one comment under Kim’s post read. “Sweet little albino corn snake.”

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My brave girl Chicago 🐍

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“I find it irresponsible”

But plenty of followers were not charmed by this video or Chi’s interest in the natural world at all.

Instead they were incredibly outraged by this clip, asserting that the snake was being disrespected and that Kim was being irresponsible.

“You don’t play with animals like that,” one follower posted. “Especially snakes who can easily lash out when provoked. I find it irresponsible of parents letting their young children hold animals like that and they have no idea what they are doing. Poor snake. Have a bit more respect.”

“Isn’t this irresponsible parenting??” another demanded. “A child who doesn’t know the difference between poisonous snakes and unpoisonous ones is being encouraged to hold snakes like that and them in their eyes.”

“Poor snake. Stop treating animals like toys! There’s plenty of other things to keep your kids occupied,” someone else posted.

Bossbaby Chi!

Other followers – and family members – loved seeing Chi getting up close and personal with this non-venomous critter.

“She’s crazy! Look how she’s looking at his face. Omg 😮” Chi’s aunty Khloé Kardashian wrote alongside the video. “I love my brave girl.”

“I call her Bossbaby,” another fan wrote.

“Infinitely braver than me,” someone else posted and honestly same-same!


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