Kim Kardashian’s new family album runs the gamut of hilarious kid expressions

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s kids are nothing if not camera-primed. They’re growing up with the Keeping Up With The Kardashians film crew around them and their whole family is pretty snap-happy when it comes to selfies and social media shares.

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In fact, they’re so comfortable with cameras that they slip from perfect pose to very familiar sibling squabbling in a heartbeat, as Kim’s latest family album – shared on Instagram – shows.

“It was going so good … swipe,” Kim captioned the group of shots she posted on Instagram overnight.

Let us take you through this journey. From good to … less good (but also good in a whole other way!)

Image 1

The first image shows a very pleased-looking six-year-old North West snuggling with her three-month-old baby brother Psalm. Psalm’s staring suspiciously into the camera. North’s focusing dreamily on something out of frame. Bless.

Image 2

This shot shows Psalm and North examining the palms of her hands. It’s unclear why but perhaps North is pondering her next manicure? They might be talking about how clapping works. It’s hard to know. What we do know is that Psalm finds this whole situation pretty riveting. In this shot the camera has panned back a bit, wide enough to take in three-year-old Saint West throwing out a sassy peace sign. Bless.

Image 3

And the final image in the series – the pièce de résistance – shows North serving a withering glare at Saint as he returns the favour with a whole bunch of scowling side-eye. This photo is the most relatable, the most emotion-charged, the most WEST.

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It was going so good…. swipe ➡️ 😂

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Kim’s sisters weighed in on the album, admitting that this journey from angelic to feisty hit them right in the feels.

“Omg that last pic is hysterical,” Khloé commented.

“I miss them,” an obviously emotional Kourtney Kardashian wrote.

Other followers weighed in too, highly entertained by these candid snaps and also a little gobsmacked at how quickly Psalm has shifted from fragile newborn to chunky bub.

“OMG look at baby Psalm growing so fast!” one fan wrote. “Your babies are stunning!!!”

“That side eye tho. How does she look beautiful while doing that?” someone else wondered.

“The baby throwing up them signs,” another follower observed and honestly he really IS very committed.


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