Nailed it! Blake Lively’s festive baking fail is super relatable

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Mum-of-three Blake Lively was clearly in a merry, nesting type of mood when she hit up Instagram for some festive inspiration.


But it turns out that even superstar status does not guarantee your Christmas baking won’t go decidedly sideways.

Let us walk you through Blake’s brilliant bake-tastrophe.

First up, Blake spotted some really adorable snowman cookies on the Half Baked Harvest Instagram account.

It’s not hard to see why she “HAD TO MAKE …” because these guys are incredible. What’s not to love about those fluffy beards and plump bellies?

Bring it on! Looks simple enough. *cough*

Blake Lively Christmas baking

Next up, we see Blake’s effort.

Granted they don’t look exactly like the OG Santas, but they are still pretty great, don’t you think?

All the details are covered — minus the face and buttons, which we assume were done after this photo (below) was taken.

Blake Lively Christmas baking

This is the very exciting part of the story, because Blake baked her Santas and then showed off the results on Instagram. Are you ready for this?

(Warning: Small children or the very vulnerable may need to avert their eyes.)

Ta-freaking-dah!! Here they are!!

Blake Lively Christmas baking

Goodness me.

There has been no word yet on how the three children Blake and Ryan Reynolds made responded to these very worried- looking, very flat Santas.

It’s possible that they are right this minute still hiding under the bed, vowing never to sit on Santa’s lap again.

Nailed it!

Of course, people on Instagram were delighted by this turn of events. When they had stopped laughing, they took the time to comment on Blake’s Santas via the PopCulture Instagram account.

Some had suffered similar Pinterest fails. Some thought Blake’s cookies were the sweet, sad embodiment of the post-Christmas feels. Some suggested they weren’t that terrible.

“I’m dying!”

“How much baking soda did she use?”

“Before and after pic of me on Christmas day.”

“I bet they still tasted good! That’s all that matters.”


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