No more messy baby and toddler mealtimes with the Food Catcher from Mumma’s Little Helpers

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If your little one has discovered the joys of feeding themselves you’ll know that the post-meal clean up can be a big job, with your lovingly prepared meals gleefully sprinkled over an impressively wide radius. You may even feel like you have the dustpan and brush permanently attached to the ends of your arms. If so check out this nifty Australian made sanity saver – the ingenious little Food Catcher is here to help.

Food Catcher 800 5

The Food Catcher attaches with velcro to the edges of the high chair and creates a drop zone, to collect food dropped down the front, sides and lap. With all the food collected in one place, clean up time is so much quicker. The smart folks at Mumma’s Little Helpers have even made the material machine washable, so you can either wipe it down or chuck it in the wash to keep it fresh once the food scraps have been removed.

food catcher

The Food Catcher comes in its own waterproof pouch which can double nicely as a wet bag or useful storage bag.

FoodCatcher bag

Available in a variety of cute designs from Mumma’s Little Helpers for $39.95 for the standard design or $50 for the hooded version, which sits over the back of the Ikea Antilop highchair to provide extra padding on the back of the seat.


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