Did you see this family’s amazing baby product on ‘Shark Tank’?

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This weeks’ episode of Shark Tank brought the usual bolshy business-y banter and jostling to our screens, but it also brought a revolutionary new product that will change parents’ – and carers’ – lives into view


Melbourne couple Glen and Julie-Anne Mayer popped up on Tuesday night’s episode seeking funding for their brilliant product Subo – “the world’s first non-squeeze food bottle”.  

It’s a case of something being so simple, you’ll wonder why YOU didn’t think of it. (The answer being that you perhaps haven’t quite reached peak curiosity, innovation and motivation like this pair!)

Subo family on shark tank Subo family on Shark Tank

images via Shark Tank/Network Ten

The beauty of Subo is that it can be used with thicker foods – rather than the thin liquids your average bottle can handle – and it’s designed to slowly push food out all by itself as the spout is sucked. No squeezing required!

“The food sits on top of a platform and as you sip on the soft silicone spout, the platform automatically moves up the bottle,” mum-of-three Julie-Anne explained, News.com.au reports.

“Once it’s finished, it’s easily disassembled for cleaning and to refill. Subo is great for pureed fruit and vegetables, smoothies and yoghurt, and even tinned spaghetti and Weet-Bix.”

Do you know what else? You can buy this product right now, Subo is already on sale!

Subo bottles


Not so squeezy

The Subo was modelled on a pump-pack toothpaste container, which Julie-Anne and Glen hacked up and reimagined into something they could use for their kids. A prototype was born, and the couple have pushed on to actually manufacture and market – and now further fund – their brilliant product.

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It works via a one-way air valve at the bottom of the bottle, which pushes an internal platform upwards as you suck.

Subo food bottleSubo food bottle

What we love about the Subo is that it not only makes littlies’ mealtimes MUCH easier and less messy, but that it can also be used by people with health challenges, disabilities or those in aged-care facilities. Melbourne’s RMIT are apparently very interested in its applications with the elderly.

“A lot of patients have to have thickened liquids so they thought it would be perfect for that,” Glen told News.com.au. The Melbourne-manufactured product has a patent pending in 38 countries.

Subo bottle

It’s a “yes” from Steve!

Of course, appearing on Shark Tank means you have to present your business idea to a panel of experts and state your case for funding. This couple passed with flying colours with entrepreneur Steve Baxter jumping out of his seat to get in on this revolutionary baby-feeding opportunity.

“What do I need to do to get you? I’m in,” Steve said on the show. “I’m on your journey. I’ve got a pair of 13-month-olds, this to me is a godsend. I think this is just amazing, it’s so well built, so let’s just talk about the future. You name your price. I’m with you, $120,000 for 12 per cent.”

Perhaps you’ll be feeding your toddler via a bottle like this, getting those much-needed solids in without all the mess in the very near future? It retails for under $30, which seems like a steal for busy parents!


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