7 reasons sweet potatoes should be your family’s new favourite vegetable

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If your family meals are a little routine because you’re a bit stuck for inspiration – or you have picky little eaters – then sweet potatoes are here to save the day and supercharge your family meals.

Sweet potatoes are at the ready to grace your table bringing delicious flavour, bold colour and all the brilliant nutrition to your family.

If you’re keen to shake things up and provide a hit of goodness, here’s seven reasons sweet potatoes are set to become your gang’s new favourite veggie.

1. Sweet potatoes are nutrient-packed

A tiny 75g of baked sweet potato contains the entire recommended daily intake of Vitamin C for a three-year-old.

Sweet potatoes are also loaded with more than 60 percent of the Vitamin A a preschooler needs and are a brilliant source of niacin, magnesium, and folate.

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2. They’re available all year round

There’s no need to be limited by a short season with sweet potatoes because there are four varieties and they’re available every single eating day of the year. Hooray!

Fish and sweet potato chips recipe

Family-friendly fish and sweet potato chips recipe

3. They’re sweet and creamy … so kids love them!

Potato lovers tend to readily gobble sweet potatoes up with abandon and for kids who can’t handle the texture of pumpkin, sweet potatoes are a sweet and smooth alternative.

4. You can cook them even if they’ve started sprouting

Unlike their regular potato pals, sweet potatoes are fine to cook if the’ve begun to sprout and may even taste sweeter. It’s a win-win.

Sweet potato pasta bake

Sweet potato, spinach and ricotta pasta bake recipe

5. They bring vibrant colour to the table

As well as white-fleshed sweet potatoes, there’s a purple-fleshed variety and the gorgeous rich orange-fleshed variety that we see most of all in Australia. Quite the delicious and nutritious rainbow, right?! And perfect to tempt the fussiest of eaters.

6. They’re high in fibre

Sweet potatoes are loaded with fibre so they keep little – and big – tummies happy and healthy.

Sweet Potato Hummus

Sweet potato hummus recipe

7. They’re easy to cook with and very versatile

Whether you fancy them roasted, mashed, steamed, barbecued, baked or fried, yummy Australian sweet potatoes are an easy way to supercharge your family’s next meal.

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