Gross things we loved to eat as kids

Posted in Mealtimes.

When we were kids, we’d never even heard of Ottolenghi or Jamie Oliver and thus proceeded to assume the stuff our parents were feeding us was the height of gourmetness.

Not only that, we came up with our own delicious delicacies. We’re talking sugar and margarine sandwiches, cordial poured over ice cream and pretty much anything doused in tomato sauce. Here’s some more gross nostalgic kid-delicious things we used to love. But now find revolting.


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One of our writers admitted Spam used to be a total treat at their place, when she was growing up: "My dad used to always keep good ol' Spam in the pantry (note, Spam did not go in the fridge until it was opened! There's something very wrong with that!) I loooooved the stuff. Cannot for the life of me imagine why these days, but it was something about the saltiness I reckon. Spam sangas. The cornerstone of every nutritious 80s lunch."


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