One small step: 7 brilliant ideas for an out-of-this-world space-themed party

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Looking for a sparkly party theme, but not sure where to start? Well, of course, a space party should be top of the list.

Not only is encouraging small children to think about BIG things (i.e. the universe) a great idea, but a space party brings with it glitter, shimmer, sparkle … and even shooting stars!

If a ‘to the moon and back’ celebration is on your party-throwing to-do list, then here’s a bunch of inspiration to help blast things off!

1. Invitations

Party invites don’t have to be extra-fancy to be gorgeous. We love these hand-drawn invites because they not only look adorable, they practically beg little party guests to get out the coloured pencils and get creative!

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2. Table decor and activities

Moon and star bunting, galactic glitter and portable astronauts come together with spacey cups and plates to bring this theme to life in a super cute and sparkly way!

3. Cake

Let’s not forget the cake! This amazing galaxy-layer cake is super next-level, and there’s even a helpful video how-to online in case you’re tempted to have a go!

4. Cake

If you’re keen to serve up some sized-down space cakes to your little party guests, perhaps these astronaut cupcakes are just the inspiration you need?!

5. And even more cake!

It’s hard to stop at one, we admit, so here’s one more spacey celebration cake. The planets orbiting this one really bring it to life, so we couldn’t not include it! Also, how cute are the shooting stars! And the rocket flames?!

6. Party bags

Bust out the printer, snap up some simple cardboard boxes and a glue stick … before you know it, you’ve pretty much got a package direct from NASA ready to fill with galactic popcorn or other treats.

7. Balloons

It wouldn’t be a party without some pretty balloons and we thought these ones really captured the mystery and excitement of space. Especially those silver rings of Saturn. And the little stars. Gasp!


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