Kylie Jenner reveals one-year-old Stormi’s favourite foods

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Over the weekend Kylie Jenner’s friend Heather Sanders shared a video on her YouTube account showing the pair eating dinner together. It was Heather’s first time eating Japanese food (can you believe it?!) and Kylie took her through the basics and shared a little more about her own foodie life, as well as some deets on what her baby girl loves to eat. 

Kylie gave birth to baby Stormi after a very private pregnancy.  Her daughter is now one year old and she’s pestering her baby’s father (rapper Travis Scott) for a second bub.

Stormi’s top 3

In this freshly-uploaded video, Kylie explains that her own family didn’t really eat sushi growing up, so she tagged along with a school friend on her family’s Monday night sushi dinners.

Now she’s teaching her own daughter about the delicious delights of Japanese food because she figures if you don’t grow up on it, it becomes a bit of an acquired taste. The more interesting flavours wee Stormi is exposed to, the better, in Kylie’s book.

“Stormi loves rice,” she revealed. ” Stormi loves sushi [although] I don’t feed her anything raw.”

“She just loves edamame,” she continued. “They’ll bring the whole thing of edamame. She will not stop until they’re all gone. She’ll eat all the edamame … She’ll eat a whole bowl of soy sauce rice.”

Kylie says she particularly loves taking her baby to the popular Japanese restaurant Nobu to eat Japanese.

Pregnancy buddies

As Kylie and Heather sipped their cokes together they also reminisced a little about their pregnancies, which they navigated together.

“When we were pregnant, I didn’t drink any soda,” Kylie says. “We’d have some Sprite every once in a while, when we would go to In and Out.”

Heather also says it’s Kylie that continues to warn her off drinking too many sugary drinks and honestly we all need a pal like that!

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