This healthy meal delivery service has a gift package just for hungry new mums

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Shut up and take our money! When a baby arrives attention is very often focused on the new little munchkin, but let’s not forget that mums need a lot of TLC when they’re recovering from birth and adjusting to new mum life.

Help for hungry, tired new mums

Meal delivery service Dineamic has created a bespoke meal package with this in mind.

Their New Mums’ Bundle is loaded with brilliant, delicious and nourishing options which take one less to-do off the family’s shoulders.

It’s the perfect gift for a pregnant friend and the perfect response when a new mum lets you know she’s really doing it a bit tough. No need to ask ‘what can I do?’ anymore. This is what you do! Feed her!

Meals are delivered ready to eat – or heat and eat – with no meal prep required.

Dineamic new mum meals

The new mum menu includes menu options like …

Bircher muesli; chicken and corn soup; minestrone and quinoa soup; chicken burritos; soy and ginger beef; Moroccan chicken; pasta Bolognese; red lentil Dahl; soy and ginger glazed salmon; fried rice; roast beef with root vegetables; veggie lasagne; and beef lasagne.

And really it all looks amazing and nutritious and comforting … and I suddenly want to be a new mum too!

Dineamic also offers a yummy-looking Care Package bundle, in case you have someone in your life that needs a little bit of TLC for other non-new mum reasons. 

The Care Package bundle includes menu items like … slow-cooked Mediterranean beef; sweet potato, coconut and turmeric soup; chicken and mushroom risotto; and Tuscan chicken. #YesPlease

Dineamic new mum meals

They also have cold-pressed juice bundles which sound pretty blinking delicious and health-giving too. 

You can find out more about the New Mum Bundle – and other everyday meal bundles for families, work teams, dieters, sporty folk, singles and MORE – at Dineamic’s website.

Phew! They’ve got it all covered. Even gift vouchers! 

Dineamic new mum meals Dineamic new mum meals



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