Helpline: New mum nerves, toddler biting, car seat crying and more

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It’s no secret that being a parent or carer can be a pretty tough gig. To try and make that gig just a little bit easier, we have Helpline with mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue. Every week on the Feed Play Love podcast we ask for your parenting questions and conundrums and put them to Chris.

With over 35 years experience as a mothercraft nurse and antenatal educator, Chris can help with almost everything going on in your little one’s life.

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In this episode, Chris looks into the following topics.

  • How much does a one-off break to routine impact a 14-month-old’s sleep
  • Helping a 27-month-old who refuses to nap at daycare and bites others on play dates
  • Strategies for dropping night feeds with a three-year-old
  • Settling a five-month-old whose waking is getting progressively worse overnight, and becoming harder to resettle
  • Reasons an eight-month-old dislikes his cot, and how to get him to self settle without mum hopping into the cot with him
  • How to help a six-month-old who cries and screams in their car seat
  • A seven-month-old who wakes at 2:30 am and refuses to go back to sleep without being cuddled
  • General tips for a nervous new mum who is 13-weeks pregnant

Submit your questions to Chris for Helpline on Feed Play Love:

  1. Email us at
  2. Call Chris during the Babyology Facebook live every Friday from 11:30 am on 1800 543 772

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