Perhaps Jessica Alba’s bathroom looks a lot like yours?

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Stars. They’re just like us! Jessica Alba’s recent Instagram photo totally proves it.

Honestly … same-same!

Jessica Alba is mum to three gorgeous kiddos – ten-year-old Honor, seven-year-old Haven and one-year-old and Hayes.

She’s also the founder of the wildly successful The Honest Company, a business that creates baby and beauty products. But while she moves in rich and famous people type circles, when she’s at home things look a lot like they might at your place.

We know this because when Jess posted a photo of four dolls doing impressive acrobatics from her family’s bathtub (below) other parents had things to say … and shared similar experiences.

“Caption this,” Jess posted alongside the photo. “Walked into my bathroom last night and was reminded that nothing is sacred, post-children.”

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Caption this _________ Walked into my bathroom last night and was reminded that nothing is Sacred? post children. #momlife #realtalk

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Girls gone wild

The dolls are in some pretty hair-raising poses, defying gravity and looking very pleased about it. People were quick to weigh in with their captions, as requested.

“When you and your girlfriends finally get a Moms Night Out,” one of Jessica’s followers quipped.

“It’s a Spice Girls tribute band!” someone else suggested.

“Barbie Cirque de Soleil,” another follower declared.

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Booby traps galore!

Some followers said this scene looked a lot like their own bathroom.

“I have 2 girls, this is my tub always except they also add toy dragons to the party,” a mum sympathised. “I just embrace it now and tell them ‘good morning’ when I wake up.”

“I’ve stepped in the tub and almost died with all the booby traps that laid in there,” another commented.

“Haha!! I always turned my bathtub into a Barbie Pool party!” someone reminisced.

Some people didn’t care about captions or bonding over Barbies. They just wanted to know how this scene was even possible because the dolls seem to be magically sticking to the bath.

“Wait how are they staying there?” sums them up and honestly HOW ARE THEY? Huh?! What is this sorcery?! Anyone?!

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Can’t believe my little handsome was less than 24 hours away from arriving a year ago. We took a hike and he let me know it was time, I ate a big spicy Thai dinner and he really let me have it, but kicked into gear around 11 pm when I was in a bath. Dad @cash_warren was asking if he should “really” pack his overnight hospital bag ??‍♂️?. I just remember (whilst having contractions) driving around the parking structure- not finding the entrance and dreading the elevator ride up to admissions. As brutal as it felt in the moment, I knew our lives were going to change for the best and all of our hearts would burst open for this príncipe ?. #familyoffive #bestever #HayesAlbaWarren

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