Mum-of-two Missy Higgins shares hilarious photo of herself pumping milk

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Missy Higgins is mum to two adorable kiddos with husband Dan Lee. The pair’s little boy Sam is four and their daughter Luna is now six-months-old. 

Pump up the volume

Missy is – as her songwriting suggests – a heart-on-sleeve sort of creative, and her approach to parenthood is similar in that she’s often keen to share the highlights and lowlights.

Over the weekend she shared a highlight. A photo taken in her hotel room (we think) after one of two shows at the Sydney Opera House.

The shot shows Missy attached to a double breast pump, expressing milk for Luna in incredibly enthusiastic style. #LOL

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She captioned the shot – which she posted to her Instagram stories – “WHOO HOO AFTER-SHOW PARTY CRAZY TIMES IN MY HOTEL ROOM TONIGHT! ROCKNROLL!”

What it lacks in punctuation it totally nails in shouty irreverence, and honestly, we could not love it – or Missy – more. Pretty sure that her hungry daughter probably felt just the same!

Missy Higgins

Luna new year

And speaking of Luna, you might remember that she got to meet Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan when they toured Australia last year? (If by “meet” you mean “sleep through”.)

Missy recently spoke a little more about how life’s been since her daughter arrived in August.

After dealing with postnatal depression following young Sam’s birth, she revealed that Luna’s early months have been a different experience.

She partly credit’s Pinky McKay’s book Parenting By Heart for helping things fall more easily into place, but notes that having some mum runs on the board made a huge difference too.

“I was on a high after she was born,” Missy told Sunday Life Magazine recently.

“I wasn’t riddled with anxiety the second time around, I wasn’t worried I’d kill my baby by wrapping her blanket the wrong way. And without that constant dialogue in the back of my head – where I questioned everything I did – I could enjoy the magic of bringing a new human into the world.”

What could be better than that?!


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