Does the tissue trick really put a baby to sleep?

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Getting babies to go to sleep is up there with the toughest of challenges. And if you’ve been in this world yourself, you’ve probably tried everything you can think of to get your little one to fall asleep. From breathing dolls to lullaby machines, we’ll try anything!

But have you tried a tissue?

Apparently, by gently sweeping a Kleenex over your baby’s face, she will calm down and nod off to sleep. It’s definitely worked for at least one person. Remember this little bub?

But not every parent has had the same success with this technique.

Laura Nickerson from The Mombuster put the tissue trick to the test with her six-week-old baby and told the Sioux City Journal what happened.

Mom Busters: The Tissue Nap Hack

The MomBuster is at it again, taking on a new baby hack that might just be too good to be true:

Posted by on Saturday, June 9, 2018


You’re supposed to sweep a tissue over your baby’s face for a minute and she should fall asleep – but it did not happen for Laura’s baby, who started looking a little annoyed once the time was up. 

That said, is anyone else wondering why she didn’t swaddle her baby for sleep? Perhaps all the kid needed was a wrap? If her baby was snug and contained (like the other baby above), she might have responded better.

Sleep tricks don’t work for everyone

The truth is that just because the tissue trick worked for one dad and his bub, it doesn’t mean it will work for every family. The same can be said for any of the sleep gimmicks out there. Instead of trying every fad that comes along, and being crushed when it doesn’t work for your baby, try looking closer to home for the sleep trick of your (and your baby’s) dreams. For example, if your baby refuses to sleep without being in your arms, you might just need to roll with it until she’s ready to try her bed again. Or if your baby is going too long between naps, you could be working with an overtired bub who is unlikely to fall asleep without help.

Tips for getting your baby to sleep

  • Swaddle young babies (under four months) and ensure older babies are cosy
  • Put your baby down for sleep before they become overtired
  • Use a bedtime ritual to help your child recognise that it is sleep time
  • Use sleep associations like white noise or music
  • Be prepared to assist your baby to fall asleep using hands-on techniques

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