Sleep envy: My neighbour’s 15-month-old twins sleep better than me

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At first the idea of living right next door to baby twins was a bit scary.

Our bedrooms share a wall and I have two pretty average sleepers who, at two and five years old, are now (finally) doing great.

But that was a long journey! 

So, the day I moved in and met the cute family of four in the hallway I thought, hmm, this could get interesting … With a pillow barricade at the ready, I settled in for the first night.

Waiting for the noise

At about 3AM, I woke to the sound of an owl. Or maybe it was a bird. Whatever it was, it wasn’t a child. 

The next night was the same. As was the night after that.

The only person who woke through the night was me. Not a peep from next door; just a passing car, or maybe a flash of insomnia. 

Baby twins asleep holding hands with dummies in their mouths

Still waiting … 

After a week, things remained suspiciously quiet. How odd, I thought. Maybe they sleep in the other room, then?

But, no. Three months later I have heard just a single peep from that shared wall. One. Shared. Peep. And that was at 5AM, so no night-waking to speak of.

Absolutely nothing to complain about

From where I come from, waking at 5AM is the equivalent of sleeping through the night anyway. Whenever I see the parents I smile and tell them, with some awe, how quiet their babies are. 

“You guys are doing an amazing job!” I say. “They are so quiet!”

“Oh thanks,” they both say with a wave, “But they’re not.”

But they ARE, I insist. 

I think they even sleep better than me. 

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