New mum Carrie Bickmore shares her nifty remedy for mum exhaustion

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If you’re the parent of a tiny sleepless baby, you might want to take a leaf out of mum-of-three Carrie Bickmore’s book.

Keeping Up With Carrie

Carrie’s been refreshingly frank about the challenges that parenting brings, not shying away from discussing the reality over the Instagram perfect parent myth.

“I think it’s fair to say the past 9 weeks have been some of the trickiest of our parenting life,” Carrie wrote in a February Instagram update. 

“Reflux, feeding challenges, little people dealing with the new world order, school holidays, did I mention school holidays, sleep deprivation, the list goes on but we are getting there … Who said the third child was easiest?!!

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“She woke on the hour every hour last night”

Sleep deprivation seems to be a common theme at Chez Bickmore, as it is with almost every family of a new baby. Now Carrie’s shared her novel method of reframing the tough stuff and pushing on … even with just a few hours shut-eye.

Posting the blinking cutest photo of baby Adelaide bobbing around in a pool, wearing a specially designed baby floatation device, Carrie said the cuteness has softened the blow of exhaustion a little.

“Every time I look at this photo of Addie,” she wrote, “it makes me forget that she woke on the hour every hour last night. Will continue to look at it all day!!! ❤️ #needcoffeenow”

“Makes you smile!”

Carrie’s followers and entertainment industry peers were quick to chime in and share their thoughts – about the more challenging parenting moments … and Addy’s next-level cute!

“I do the same looking at pics of the kids when they were little and remember that I might have had a rough day and wonder how could someone that cute ever do anything to upset me??” media identity Deborah Thomas posted.

“Awww,” Emma Wiggle wrote.

“What a great photo. It just makes you smile,” Simon Wiggle posted.

“There is always a light at the end of the tunnel… she is gorgeous.. I get it!!” an approving Carrie fan commented.

“Thank you for normalising night wakings in babies @bickmorecarrie! Keeping it real!” someone else said – and honestly they’re not wrong. 

Thank you, Carrie! (For the realness and the cute!)

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